A young visitor came up with this lovely line playing with all the little poetry words that decorate the side of my refrigerator. It sounds like a recipe for life to me. More often than not people are motivated to move away from the distasteful rather than towards something desired. This phrase has element of both: away from negative words and towards a vision of something sweet delightful and satisfying. Less bitter words and chocolate. Ahhh.

Chocolate means more than the food. All I have to do is think about the word and somehow it evokes contentment. I don’t have to eat it or even have it in the house for this to happen. It is similar to considering a sunset or the sound of water lapping at the side of a boat. Actually now considered,   it occurs to me that a list of contentment producing words or pictures is a  worthy pursuit, especially for times when bitter words arise in life as they will.

Here here  are three visions/sounds/tastes:

Chocolate, sunset, water lapping the shore. Another set:

whipped cream,  egrets in flight, a warm gentle breeze. What are some of yours?