My first post was about starting a blog because “it would be a good idea”. I didn’t follow through for quite a while.  To get something done, there has to be a goal, an outcome that motivates you. If you are focused on a specific outcome, you are likely to follow through. If you are focused on the process and the effort it is going to take, Probably you won’t. All most people have to do is think about the last time they planned to exercise on a regular basis to get the flick on that. Think about wearing size 8 or a 32 inch belt equals motivation. Actually getting out to run or bike or go to the gym? You have to think about how good you will feel when you are done, not about the effort of going. 

So for a while I fell into the second category. Writing seemed like work. I wasn’t excited about sharing in this context. Catch me in my office connecting with an actual human being? I can get very excited. Helping overwhelmed parents figure out how to deal with their troublesome little one? That is a lot of fun! Teaching someone who is always worried to really and actually relax and see the results of that on a person’s face? That is magical. It would be good to share some of those moments with more people, to somehow translate the beauty of those moments of getting across to a person how some small adjustment in their point of view or their actions can change so much in the experience of satisfaction in a day. And there is so much beauty in the world. It is gorgeous more often than not.  I want to drink it in and share that.  It’s so much better than watching the news! So This is Marionsview: hopefully a little more than a pretty picture.

I got excited enough to open this account.  I  had it for a month with nothing written. I planned but did not act. I explored my motivation  until finally I recognized that perfectionism was keeping me silent. So finally I wrote anyway. The first two posts pretty much sucked. Maybe this is not so wonderful yet either, but practice  makes  improvement. When a person finally acts, even  if there are mistakes made, it will take that person closer to the goal, whatever it might be. So if you had a lousy day, remember that. If self-reflection is part of your daily routine at all, you  Now you know better what not to do tomorrow in some shape or form.

Today, I just happened to have time. The finny thing is, in deciding to connect this to Facebook, I ran across a post on the News Feed. One of my contacts posted a bout a book he wrote. It is a kindle book and available at a really, really reasonable price  on a topic I am interested in, business momentum. His name is Michael North, and the book is called Focus Into Action, in case that interests you too.

And guess what he uses as an example for his book? Blogging. There is all sorts of stuff about how to develop a blog, none of which I had ever thought of. I book marked those pages on my Kindle program  where I downloaded the book, another new thing for the day. What an example of Serendipity! I love it.