Hi There! I am a counselor and coach who helps people design a more beautiful vision for their lives then take  steps to make that vision real. I particularly like working with children, especially little children. Little ones naturally know how to play their way to feeling better  with a little help from a grown up like me. I also help adults have been living with too much fear or worry, or who have goals that they really want but it just seems too daunting to get it done. I have been there, and really get how hard it can be to move forward when life seems overwhelming. 

 I do have a love for challenges and adventures though. I have run a marathon, climbed Mt Whitney and used to ride a motorcycle.   Learning to ride a was probably harder than either of the other two for me. It was great fun but I was just not enough of a motorhead to keep that hobby up.  

 I also adore the water and want to spend time sailing again.  That is my idea of heaven.  There will probably be lots of water pictures on this blog!  I live in Nassau County, Florida.