How much real influence do thoughts have on a person’s physical health? This is a question I have pondered and discussed with some of my friends. The following is opinion, and while I think my opinions are worth paying attention to, remember that is what I am presenting. Many would disagree with me. That being said…..

There are a panoply of answers to this question which all boil down to: it depends. Thoughts most certainly affect physical health. Upsetting thoughts can generate upset stomachs. Conflicts can create headaches. None of this is new information. Carried on chronically a negative mindset will most certainly result in poorer health. However the mechanism through which this occurs is varied. A depressed person walks around with chronic negative thoughts, affecting emotions and behavior. Such a person will often sleep and eat less well, weakening the body. Each body also has its “weakest link”, biologically. This link is often where a chronic illness will occur. Stress is the biggest factor. Stress is unavoidable. How one handles stress encompasses multiple factors such as body type, learned coping skills as well as a person’s belief system. Sugar pills can cure disease, which is why they are always included in research when new medications are tested.

A distracted person is much more likely to be in an accident which results in broken bones. The impact of a fall is the impact of a fall in the end, determined by overall body condition and so forth. Stress will again play a role in a person’s reaction to falling, and will affect the results of doing so.

The answer to this question is generally, “a lot”. The point of physical existence, part of the set up is the presence of physical challenges. The agreed upon rules of the physical plane, like gravity, affect everyone. However these rules can be bent and broken and worked around. “Laughter is the best medicine” is a saying that probably predates Norman Cousins curing cancer with it. Also the “biology of belief” is quite powerful. I never get sick. I get injured from time to time but have very little concern about catching colds and viruses. I mostly just don’t get them, unless I am really worn down, which would be stress in action. I believe this. My belief probably then motivates me to make different decisions, like making sure I take vitamins and such without even considering the connection between the two, besides right now when I am writing this. I am certainly considering it at this moment. Usually, it is just what I want to do, so I can get away with eating ice cream for dinner from time to time.

The Biology of Belief is also the title of a book by a gentleman named Bruce Lipton, if I am remembering correctly. I have heard about it have not read it yet. I would love to hear your opinion about it, if you have already checked it out.


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